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We know you are facing obstacles and feel overwhelmed. 

Guard My Practice is here to help guide you through hard things.

Videos from an expert healthcare attorney at a price you can afford.

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Our Video Course Helps Doctors Prevent Problems Before They Happen.

CONTRACTS: We start off the course diving head first into contracts, learning how to negotiate for what you are worth, explaining contract provisions such as the compensation, termination, and non-compete sections, and contracts that can get you in trouble.

FINANCE: Then the course pivots to finances and money, so you can understand how to safely make more money in your medical practice, what to look out for that can hurt you, how to settle small cases, and healthcare finances generally.

STAYING OUT OF TROUBLE: After this, we teach you how to stay out of trouble. From bad contracts to a lack of compliance program, we talk about it all. We break down the Anti-kickback statute, the Stark law, HIPAA, and what happens if your partners act badly.

COMPLIANCE: Next, it’s all about how to prevent an audit. We go into keeping up with compliance as your practice grows, why you need and how to write a compliance plan, billing and coding rules, and documentation tips to keep you in good standing.

DEALING WITH PATIENTS: And lastly, we get back to why you started this career to begin with – the patients. We go over how to deal with difficult patients, how to effectively terminate them, how to deal with negative online reviews, and coming back after the struggle of a claim or lawsuit.

You get emails from a 20+ year medical attorney, videos covering these topics, a private group to share and discuss what you’re going through, and a feeling that you aren’t alone anymore. And you get CME for each video you watch. It’s a great way to feel protected and safe at a price you can afford.

Not ready for the full course just yet? Check out one of our 6-pack video bundles down below that each target a specific problem.

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