Are You at a Crossroads?


You've dedicated your life to medicine, but now you're facing a transition that feels daunting. Whether you're considering a job change, starting a new venture, or navigating contractual complexities, the uncertainty can feel overwhelming. You're not just looking for a new opportunity; you're seeking a path that aligns with your values, goals, and the lifestyle you've been dreaming of.

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Your Professional Journey: Mapping the Course to Career Mastery

Our 90 Day Notice course is designed with you in mind - an expertly crafted roadmap tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities you face as a physician. From mastering contract negotiations to discovering and leveraging your worth, we've got you covered. Here's a peek at what's inside:

  • Dive into contracts to secure what's rightfully yours.
  • Unlock negotiation tactics to always come out on top.
  • Bounce back from setbacks, stronger and wiser.
  • Leave the old baggage behind and start fresh.

Let's start your journey and redefine what success means in your career.


Your career transition isn't just a step forward, it's a giant leap.

Ready to unlock the secrets to owning your professional journey? Here's how:

  • Learn from Experts: Equip yourself with the insight and confidence to navigate your next career phase with finesse.
  • Ace Your Contracts: Master the nuances of contract negotiations to ensure your next move is both smart and satisfying.
  • Learn from others:¬†You're not the only one going through this! Tap into a vibrant community ready to share, support, and uplift each other through every career twist and turn.¬†Our live calls are gold.¬†
  • Know Your Worth: Uncover the full extent of your professional value and learn how to use it as leverage in shaping your career journey.
  • Build Confidence: Learn strategies to gracefully manage the whirlwind of emotions that come with saying¬†goodbye, ensuring you leave without burning bridges.

Let's make your next move your best move.

Are you prepared to steer your career journey with insight and precision?

What's Included In The Course...


Online video and workbook content

We dive deep to identify core challenges and envision your ideal professional future.

  • Inner Navigation: Uncover the real issues steering your career path and define your big-picture goals with workbooks designed just for you.¬†
  • Contract Wisdom: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your current contractual obligations with in-depth training on contracts.
  • Barrier Breakdown: Learn strategies for leaving professional and personal¬†baggage behind.

You will have a clear vision of your future and a solid grasp of your current standing and then how to get to where you want to be. 


Live Calls

Step into your power by discovering leverage points and mastering your emotional landscape with live calls each month.

  • Know Your Worth: Spot opportunities to strengthen your negotiating position with the guidance of a physician coach and a trained healthcare attorney.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Techniques for managing negative feelings and stress.
  • Strategic Exits:¬†Advice on when to put in your notice, whether you should do the exit interview, and how to start your next job with confidence.¬†

You'll be empowered, with actionable strategies for leveraging your strengths and making informed choices about your next steps.


Leverage and Negotiation Training

Master the nuances of negotiation and transition smoothly into your next professional chapter.

  • Negotiation Tactics: Learn to negotiate future roles with confidence and precision.
  • How to find your own leverage:¬†Individual time with both instructions working on YOUR leverage and how to use it.
  • Positive Onboarding: Establish strong alliances and structures in your new role.

You'll have a clear direction, setting you up for a position that aligns with your goals and a roadmap for a positive start in your dream role.


Cultivating Community and Continuous Growth

Continue your journey with continuous growth and the support of a vibrant community.

  • Endless Exploration: Enjoy ongoing access to all future course iterations for continuous learning.*
  • Supportive Network: Engage with peers and experts anytime¬†with lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook group.*
  • Feedback Loop: Share your experiences and contribute to the evolving course content.*

There's no end to your growth when you continue to engage with the community!

*Available as an added benefit when you pay in full.

Picture this...


Imagine stepping into your next role prepared and ready. Our students have done just that. They know what they want, they found a career path that met those goals, and they believe in themselves. Here's where you see the real difference a strategic transition can make. 

There is hope.

Making the decision to leave your job can be difficult. Being terminated makes you feel lost and alone. Our 90 Day Notice Online Program ensures you have the confidence and clarity to continue a career that's best for you. 


It's time to elevate your career path and step into a role that truly fulfills you.


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Smooth Exit: 5 Essential Steps for a Flawless Job Transition in Medicine

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Amanda Hill, J.D.

Amanda Hill is a well-known and respected healthcare attorney based in Austin, TX. She is first and foremost an advocate for doctors.

  • Founder of "Guard My Practice"¬†
  • 20 years experience as a healthcare attorney
  • Former General Counsel for Austin Regional Clinic and CommUnityCare
  • Authored the Texas Medical Association Fraud and Abuse Manual
  • Active in the legal community giving lectures and seminars

Amy Vertrees, MD

Amy Vertrees is a board-certified general surgeon based in Columbia, TN. She is committed to helping doctors advocate for themselves and their careers. 

  • Served 17 years in the Army, reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel, and deploying 3 times to Afghanistan and Iraq as a general surgeon.
  • Created Columbia Surgical Partners, a private practice general surgery group.
  • Founder of the "BOSS Business of Surgery Series" with lessons¬†not taught in residency
  • Certified coach
  • Author, ‚ÄúBecome the BOSS MD: Success beyond residency‚Ä̬†

"Thank you for providing easy-to-learn resources to pick up on what medical school NEVER covers!"

- Dr. D. S.

"Setting aside dedicated time to think about the business side of being a surgeon and setting goals is hugely helpful. Highly recommend."

- Dr. R. G.

"Since my coaching sessions with Amy, I have been selected for leadership positions in my clinic and commitees."

- Dr. G.S. 

90 Day Notice Course for Doctors

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  • Live Monthly calls
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Stop treading water...


We know change can be scary, especially when the stakes are high. Without the right guidance, your next career move can mean costly mistakes, missed opportunities, and ongoing dissatisfaction. Your career and well-being are too important to leave to chance.

...and start your journey today!


Are you ready to not just move on but move up? We're here to make sure you do just that. Join 90 Day Notice today and let's embark on this journey together.



Smooth Exit: 5 Essential Steps for a Flawless Job Transition in Medicine

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