Will it ever be enough?


If you are a physician and you are wondering... will this every be enough, you're not alone.

COVID changed nearly everything about medicine- increased workloads, decreasing reimbursement, persistent staff and supply shortages, and decreased respect from the public.

Many doctors have left the workforce, and those of us left behind are wondering where we fit in.

If you are unhappy in your current job, you are not alone. But the question is... is it the job I am unhappy with or is it me? 

It’s Time To Love it or Leave it

You are ready to love your career again. 

Should you stay or should you go?

Here is the first value tip you will learn: it doesn't matter whether you stay or you go.

What matters is that you make a decision.

Oftentimes we don't make a decision because we are not sure which decision is right... that is where we come in.

We were never taught a mindset around decision-making in our life or career. 

The legal implications of leaving seem opaque and overwhelming. 

Amanda and Amy are here to help you find the clarity you need to have the career you worked so hard to achieve. 

Why are you feeling stuck? 

We will explore the reasons you feel stuck in your current job.

  • We show you what to look for in your contract to determine if you really are stuck
  • We will assess your current situation an create a plan to not fall into the same trap at the next job

Getting creative and moving on

What if what seems impossible really isn't? What if you could create a great plan for moving forward that is customized and achievable? 

  • We help you see and use your leverage with your current job to get the best deal
  • We will work through the grief of leaving the job you thought you had

The next big thing

This job is the key to getting the best job for you. 

  • We show you how to negotiate for your next great contract
  • We will help you create the job you always wanted



You have seen enough information about jobs and contracts on the internet. So why does it seem so hard?

You aren't getting the results you want yet because reading about information does not create change. Deep understanding and implementation is the key.

Amanda and Amy will help you with their collective experience and techniques, group coaching and question and answer sessions. This is a safe place where everyone is working on their own journey, and we all learn together.

Before each group session, you’ll get access to the next portion of the course. Pre-session effort will maximize your results, but even if you just show up and listen, you will gain more than you would on your own.

It's powerful to learn that others are having similar struggles and hear the creative ways they are showing up for themselves amongst the chaos of their lives.

We can’t wait to help you have the career you worked so hard to achieve!

"From contracts to compliance, Amanda is well versed and always provides very timely support. Her down-to-earth demeanor and ability to relate to physicians make her an invaluable resource." 

Tim Rye, VP of Medical Group Practice

"I speak up more often and offer suggestions during meetings and also do not feel as rushed to fill silences. I am more likely to notice if my thoughts are running away with me creating a story about something that leads me down a path of behavior I’d rather avoid. I am more aware of my gifts and what I bring to an experience instead of just my perceived faults—and I’m able to remind myself of those gifts instead of focusing only on my shortcomings. I am also aware that life is not always going to be perfect and that things are going to be 50/50. Since my coaching sessions with Amy, I have been selected for leadership positions in my clinic and commitees. My husband has also noticed and commented on the improvement of my mood and behavior when I come home."

Dr. G.S. 

Amanda Hill, J.D.

Amanda Hill is a well-known and respected healthcare attorney based in Austin, TX. She is first and foremost an advocate for doctors.

  • Founder of "Guard My Practice" 
  • 20 years experience as a healthcare attorney
  • Former General Counsel for Austin Regional Clinic and CommUnityCare
  • Authored the Texas Medical Association Fraud and Abuse Manual
  • Active in the legal community giving lectures and seminars

Amy Vertrees, MD

Amy Vertrees is a board-certified general surgeon based in Columbia, TN. She is committed to helping doctors advocate for themselves and their careers. 

  • Served 17 years in the Army, reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel, and deploying 3 times to Afghanistan and Iraq as a general surgeon.
  • Created Columbia Surgical Partners, a private practice general surgery group.
  • Founder of the "BOSS Business of Surgery Series" with lessons not taught in residency
  • Certified coach
  • Author, “Become the BOSS MD: Success beyond residency” coming out June 20, 2023.



Have you ever felt like something is missing at work- like maybe you are in the wrong place? No matter how hard you work, you are always behind where you (or your boss or your coworkers) think you should be?

If so, then the 90 Day Notice course is definitely for you.

There is *no other* course where you can get the personalized attention of a health care attorney and certified coach and general surgeon to help guide you to the life you thought you would have.

We'll help you tune out the noise and find the job you always wanted (which may be where you are at). Once you've assessed where you are in your current job, we'll teach you how to nurture and protect that vision of the perfect job and help you find it.

90 Day notice starts 25 July 2023

You are ready to stop living in indecision.



**Founder price**

  • 3 months (90 days of course!)
  • Weekly access to new self-study modules
  • Access to weekly group coaching calls
  • Membership to the 90 Day Notice community
  • Email support
  • You will NOT see these prices after our founder class. Founders will be offered continued access to the course after 3 months



Three payments

  • 30 months (90 days of course!)
  • Weekly access to new self-study modules
  • Access to weekly group coaching calls
  • Membership to the 90 Day Notice community
  • Email support
  • You will NOT see these prices after our founder class. Founders will be offered continued access to the course after 3 months


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your 90 Day Notice course, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.