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Smooth Exit: 5 Essential Steps for a Flawless Job Transition in Medicine

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The Unspoken Challenge in Medicine

You were trained to be a doctor, not navigate complex legal agreements or make strategic career moves. The overwhelming feeling of stepping into unknown territory is common. You are not alone. 

Empower yourself and your career. 

As a doctor, you face unique challenges. We understand that pressure. Guard My Practice was formed by a healthcare attorney who has helped hundreds of doctors. We want to help you navigate difficult career transitions, work with you to find your leverage, teach you how to best negotiate contracts, and de-mystify healthcare regulations and business principles to help you in your daily life. Guard My Practice is here to guide you through hard business and legal issues so you can have a safe and lucrative future career. 

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I’m Amanda Hill, a true doctor's advocate.


Ever felt tangled in the web of healthcare law? Well, you're not alone! I hear it all the time from doctors like you, and I'm here to help you cut through the confusion. Think of me as your friendly expert, turning those legal complexities into something you can not only understand but use.

You're great at medicine, and I'm here to make sure legal hurdles don't slow you down. No more losing sleep over contracts or employee issues. My courses are straightforward ‚Äď no fluff, just the essential legal know-how you need. We'll dive into contract details, regulatory compliance, and more, all tailored for your busy schedule.

Ready to tackle legal challenges with confidence? Browse our courses and equip yourself with the tools to make informed decisions for your practice.


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90 Day Notice

Our 90 Day Notice course is designed with you in mind - an expertly crafted roadmap tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities you face as a physician changing jobs. It's hard to know when to put in your notice, what can hurt you, how to let go of the past, and what next move is right for you. From mastering contract negotiations to discovering and leveraging your own worth, we've got you covered. 


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You literally covered every topic I could imagine. I'm going through so many of the emotions you mention!  These videos are TV quality and provide practical information for situations encountered in day-to-day practice. 


- Derrick Burgess, MD, Sports Medicine

A Clear Path to Professional Growth


As doctors, facing career transitions or workplace challenges can be daunting.

Guard My Practice offers a lifeline with courses that equip you with strategic career guidance and practical know-how. By enrolling now, you'll transform uncertainty into confidence, armed with the tools to navigate contracts, handle difficult environments, and make empowered career decisions.

Experience the peace of mind and professional growth that come from expert support and community connection.