In medicine, what you don't know can hurt you.

Our video course hits all the hard things you wrestle with. Easy to watch 15 min CME videos that answer every hard question you have. 

How It Works
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You started your practice because you love medicine.

But how much of your time is spent worrying about the things that happen in between patients?

Business Deals

Are you sure they're solid?

Dealing with People

How do you deal with difficult patients and staff?

Fraud and Abuse

How do you prevent the government from knocking?

Our Videos Will Help.

Whether it’s starting off in medicine, negotiating a contract, staying out of trouble, avoiding an audit, or dealing with difficult patients, our 6-pack video bundles will teach you how to overcome the obstacles troubling you, and you get CME on top of it all. And you can sign up for the entire course to make sure you don't miss a thing. 

Not convinced yet? Try one of our videos for free and see what Guard My Practice can do for you.

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5 Rules for Your Next Contract

When you negotiate your next physician’s contract, make sure you pay attention to these top 5 things:

  • Is your non-compete fair and reasonable?
  • Is there a solid back door out in case things go wrong?
  • Download for the rest, plus our Top 3 Negotiating Tips!

About Your Instructor

Amanda B. Hill, JD

“I’m committed to giving you the resources you need to protect the practice you’ve built.”

Amanda B. Hill is a well-known and respected healthcare attorney based in Austin, TX. With more than 20 years of experience practicing health care law as well as coaching and training doctors in the areas of patient satisfaction and leadership, Amanda is uniquely positioned to assist doctors with their most pressing and important issues. 

Amanda built Guard My Practice because she saw a need – doctors want to feel safe and protected in their businesses but aren’t 100% sure how to stay out of trouble. She’s seen it all, helped others get through it, and this is her passion – becoming a partner and trusted confidant to medical groups and doctors to help them navigate through uncertainty and toward peace.   

The trainings she has created are based on her vast knowledge in this field, working with healthcare providers every day. She provides answers to burning questions you may not even know to ask, and can be your go-to resource so you feel protected, confident, and safe.

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