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Dealing with Difficult People

Navigating interpersonal challenges is an unavoidable aspect of medical practice. This course equips you with practical strategies for managing difficult interactions with staff, patients, and colleagues. Gain the confidence to address issues effectively, without compromising your professional integrity.

We teach you the importance of an employee handbook. We walk through how to deal with difficult patients. We teach you how to prevent sexual harassment and report problems. And we even talk about dealing with difficult colleagues. 

This course is 12 videos, all professionally made, taught by Amanda, and you get AAFP CME for watching them. You also can ask Amanda questions if you have them about the content. 



All About Contracts

Contracts are a critical but often daunting aspect of medical practice. This course demystifies the contract negotiation process, empowering you to approach agreements with clarity and assurance.

Learn to protect your interests and navigate your career transitions smoothly.

This is your one-stop shop for learning about contracts, from the non-compete to the termination provisions to the compensation. We teach you how to negotiate and contracts that can get you in trouble. 

This is a great course for new doctors who may be confused about contracts. 

This course has 15 videos and qualifies for AAFP CME credit. 



Staying Out of Trouble

The healthcare landscape is fraught with legal complexities. This course simplifies healthcare regulations, offering you a clear understanding of compliance requirements. Learn to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring you practice medicine within the bounds of the law.

Wish you better understood what's out there that can hurt you? We go over Stark, Anti-kickback, HIPAA, and how to best document for maximum benefit. We talk about the most common billing and coding errors and how to prevent them, and what contracts can get you in trouble. 

Amanda explains hard issues in a way doctors can understand. This is great prevention for ALL doctors. This course has 15 videos and qualifies for AAFP CME credit. 



90 Day Notice 

Do you hate your job? Have you thought about leaving, or think you will be laid off?

This course is co-lead by Amanda Hill, JD, healthcare attorney for 20+ years, and Amy Vertrees, MD, surgeon, author and coach and founder of the BOSS Business of Surgery Series.

Changing jobs is a significant career milestone that comes with its own set of challenges. This course provides a comprehensive guide to transitioning between roles, from giving notice to negotiating your next contract. Benefit from expert insights and make your move with confidence.

Course includes live weekly group coaching,  a free 45 min coaching session from Amy and tons of packed information from us both. 



Our Complete Course

 This is a must have for doctors in the early to mid stages in their career. 

We help guard you against:

• Patients who file bad online reviews and board actions against you, and never listen to you, to the point where sometimes you need to terminate them or settle their claims

• Bosses who make your life hell, are toxic, act badly, and even harass you

• Employees and colleagues who don’t always do their jobs, but may threaten you or sue you or make work a place you no longer want to be

• The government who has complex regulations in your practice you don’t understand, and seem to be out to get you at every turn

• Employers who want to take advantage of you by having you sign terrible contracts

• Yourself. Your growth, your infrastructure, getting into a bad side hustle, and how to move on from one job to the next with grace


This course qualifies for 10.25 hours of AAFP CME credit and a monthly group sessions with Amanda. 


$3997 for an annual membership*

*That's 10.25 hours of CME through the AAFP + 12 total hours of monthly time with Amanda per year = a total of 22.25 hours of amazing help. It's a steal considering her hourly rate is $500/hour!)



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