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Meet Amanda, course instructor

I am a healthcare attorney and work with doctors every day. I run a successful law practice in Austin, Texas.

Doctors call me with questions and crises that we work through. It's common to hear "I don't know if this is okay to sign" or "I think we are compliant, but I'd like you to make sure" or simply "help!"

We want to help YOU, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney by the hour. I want to start to teach doctors to avoid problems BEFORE they occur. 

The fact is, you can go search Google to help with these issues and just hope it's solid information. Or you can pay thousands of dollars to hire an attorney. But it's expensive. We have what you need to help you feel safer and more protected by explaining common issues that arise and how to work through them, for a fraction of the cost.

We want to use the bad experiences and near-misses of my clients and turn them into learning experiences for YOU. We can teach you about contracts, break down regulations, talk about common billing and coding mistakes, work through compliance issues, help you deal with difficult staff, and walk through a difficult patient encounter.  All in easy-to-consume, easy-to-understand courses that fit your lifestyle and you can watch when you like. 

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