Physician in Transition

Are you worried about changing jobs, being fired, starting something new and different, or closing down your practice? If you feel a sinking feeling in your stomach, thinking “I feel like I’m just winging this and I wish I had a guide,” I hear you. 


You were never taught to quit and move on. You may feel like an idiot, or at worst a jerk, for pushing for edits or asking questions.


The fact is, you will change jobs several times in your career. You may even be fired and not have a choice, which is humiliating. You will someday retire. For heavens sakes – you got through the agony of residency and fellowship just to “make it” as a doctor but now you feel lost and stupid dealing with all this business and negotiation nonsense. Why are lawyers so hard to work with and so expensive?


And even if you DO move on, you may not be able to shake off the emotions of a negative or toxic work environment of the past. You are kicking yourself for signing a bad contract or not speaking up in the past. How to set yourself and your family up financially in the future?


We are here, to be your guide through career transitions. 


We walk doctors through it, from a highly respected healthcare attorney, a surgeon coach, and other professional resources.


If this sounds like someone finally sees you, it’s because we do.

Sign up for our complete course on transitions. Whether you are changing jobs, quitting and have no plan, or selling your practice and retiring, we go over it all. It's a jam-packed course, along with group calls with me, and Dr. Amy Vertrees, a highly respected surgeon and physician coach. 

What you'll get:

  • Videos walking you through each job transition stage. 
  • Emails from Amanda
  • All the videos qualify for Category 1 CME
  • Watch at your own pace
  • Access to Exclusive Online Community
  • Monthly group calls

This is not legal advice. Guard My Practice provides training and guidance that is not legal advice in any particular state. By signing up for this service, you agree that Amanda Hill is not your individual lawyer and there is no attorney/client privilege between the two of you.


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