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Videos in this full course include:

(1) You Got the Job! How to Interview Well
(2) Common Pitfalls Your First Year in Practice
(3) Tips on How to Negotiate a Contract
(4) Contracts Part I: Compensation
(5) Contracts Part II: Termination
(6) Contracts Part III: Non-Compete
(7) The Basics of Setting Up Your Own Practice
(8) Hiring and Working with Advanced Practice Providers
(9) Negotiating a Lease – they aren’t all the same!
(10) Working with a Management Services Organization
(11) Contracts That Can Get You in Trouble
(12) Medical Directorships: What to be Aware of BEFORE you sign
(13) How to Safely Make More Money
(14) Top Ways You Will Run into the Legal System
(15) The Hospital Income Guarantee Agreement. Is it free money? What’s the catch?
(16) Finance and Accounting for Doctors
(17) Obscure Contract Provisions, Explained
(18) Negotiating with Insurance Companies
(19) The Basics of Insurance – what types do you need?
(20) The Importance of an Employee Handbook
(21) Compliance Part I: WHY you need it
(22) Compliance Part II: Writing a compliance plan
(23) Compliance Part III: Biggest Compliance Pitfalls
(24) HIPAA Part I: Privacy
(25) HIPAA Part II: Security
(26) The ABCs of Informed Consent
(27) Antikickback Statute: Part I
(28) Antikickback Statute Part II
(29) Stark Basics for Doctors
(30) When the Government Comes a Knockin: What To Do When You Get An Audit
(31) Top Labor and Employment Issues to Know About in Healthcare
(32) Doctors Behaving Badly
(33) How to Prevent Retaliation in Your Office
(34) The Nuts and Bolts of Sexual Harassment Prevention
(35) Dealing with Difficult Patients
(36) How to Handle Non-Compliant Patients
(37) Tips on How to Effectively Terminate a Patient from your practice
(38) Battling negative online reviews about your practice
(39) Settling a Small Case; Tips and Tricks
(40) Billing and Coding
(41) Billing and Coding II
(42) Documentation 101
(43) Risky Business: Dangers of Non-FDA approved procedures, off-label, and new and novel procedures
(44) Keeping up with Infrastructure
(45) Forming Partnerships
(46) Tips to Successful Joint Ventures and Mergers
(47) After the Storm: Coming Back after a hard case, lawsuit, or employment issue
(48) Tips for Navigating Medical Board Complaints
(49) Finding Joy and Humor at Work
(50) Staff Turnover and Burnout
(51) Moving on: When You’re Ready to Transition to that Next Thing

This is not legal advice. Guard My Practice provides training and guidance that is not legal advice in any particular state. By signing up for this service, you agree that Amanda Hill is not your individual lawyer and there is no attorney/client privilege between the two of you.


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