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Dealing with People

Why can’t people just come to work and be on time? Maybe your front desk supervisor keeps calling in sick. Maybe your medical assistants are not getting along. Maybe your partner is extra difficult to work with. All you want is for all these issues to go away and for people to do their jobs so you can treat your patients.

With our Difficult People Course, you will no longer be afraid to deal with workplace disputes and want to bury your head in the sand. You will have a toolkit from a 20+ year healthcare attorney with actual tips and tricks on how to deal with these very real-world issues that happen every day.

In this course, we will teach you the basics of employment issues you will likely face in the world of healthcare.  Plus, we talk through how to work with patients who aren't always easy. 

What you'll get:

(1)    Dealing with Difficult Patients

(2)    How to Handle Non-Compliant Patients

(3)    Tips on How to Effectively Terminate a Patient from your practice

(4)    Battling negative online reviews about your practice

(5)   Settling a Small Case; Tips and Tricks

(6)   Doctors Acting Badly

(7)   Tips for Navigating Medical Board Complaints

(8) The Nuts and Bolts of Sexual Harassment Prevention

(9) Top Labor and Employment Issues to Know About in Healthcare

(10) How to Prevent Retaliation in Your Office

(11) The Nuts and Bolts of Sexual Harassment Prevention

(12) The Importance of an Employee Handbook

This is not legal advice. This is a training and CME package. Please check with your attorney regarding laws in your states that may affect these topics.