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All About Contracts Course

Unlock Your Contract Confidence!

Discover the secrets to navigating medical contracts with ease and assurance.

Why "All About Contracts" is Essential for You:

Equip yourself with the knowledge to protect your interests and advance your career. Dive into a comprehensive curriculum that covers:

  • Physician Employment Agreements
  • Identifying Risky Contracts
  • Navigating Routine Business Contracts
  • Mastering Settlements & Transitions

 Let Amanda be your guide through the world of contracts. 

Videos in this course:

(1) Tips on How to Negotiate a Contract
(2) Contracts Part I: Compensation
(3) Contracts Part II: Termination
(4) Contracts Part III: Non-Compete
(5) Obscure Contract Provisions, Explained
(6) Contracts that can Get You in Trouble
(7) Negotiating a Lease
(8) Antikickback Statute Part II
(9) Hiring and Working with Advanced Practice Providers
(10) Settling a Small Case; The Settlement Agreement
(11) The Hospital Income Guarantee Agreement
(12) Working with an Management Services Organization
(13) Moving on: When You’re Ready to Transition to that Next Thing

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