$999.00 USD

All About Contracts Course

You may be thinking - can't they just send me something simple? Why is this thing 25 pages long with hidden traps and ticking time bombs?

You don't want to have to call a lawyer every time you sign something, but these contracts are full of fine print, confusing words, and it feels like this one document may threaten your livelihood and future. Do you even understand how you'll get paid? Do you know what can hurt you if you leave? You shouldn't have to go to law school to feel confident in your contract. But how do you negotiate without feeling like scum, or feel you have to haggle for a basic bonus like you're buying a blanket at a street market?  

With our contracts course, you will learn not only tips on how to negotiate this one agreement, but you will walk away feeling empowered, understand what other contracts to avoid, and increase your negotiation HEAT in the future.

The perfect course to discuss and explain the contract process. And the risks if you sign BAD contracts. 

Videos you'll get:

  • Contracts That Get You In Trouble
  • Negotiating Your Employment Agreement
  • Part I of the employment agreement – compensation
  • Part II of the employment agreement – termination
  • Part III of the employment agreement – non-competes
  • Confusing Contract Provisions, Explained
  • Medical Directorships
  • APPs – from the contract to the supervision
  • Negotiating a Lease
  • Income Guarantee Agreements with Hospitals
  • Settling a Case
  • Moving on: When You’re Ready to Transition to that Next Thing

This is not legal advice. Guard My Practice provides training and guidance that is not legal advice in any particular state. By signing up for this service, you agree that Amanda Hill is not your individual lawyer and there is no attorney/client privilege between the two of you.