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Staying out of Trouble Course

I understand you want to stay FAR away from things that can get you in trouble. No side hustles or lawyer phone calls, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

BUT. . . are you considering a medical director gig, an investment in a surgery center or MSO, or in any way wanting to share resources with another great doctor in town?  

Uh-oh. All of these things carry risk, and the Anti-kickback statute is a federal criminal law. You don't want to have to call a lawyer every time you sign something, but some of these arrangements can really get you in trouble.

We created a course explaining the major fraud statutes, teaching you what to avoid and what to stay clear from, the most important billing and coding mistakes, and how to handle something that gets out of control. 

Our Staying out of Trouble course is much cheaper than getting in trouble and having your lawyer claw you out of a deep hole. It's a video course taught by ME, gives you CME, and it's a valuable tool in your tool belt. We show you what's under the hood. We teach you what the government looks for, the basics you need to watch out for, and how to stay UNDER THE RADAR of CMS and OIG. Whether you're a neurosurgeon or a pediatrician, jail sucks for everyone.

This course is designed to prevent risky things from growing into big problems. 

Videos you'll get:

  • Contracts that Get You In Trouble
  • Anti-kickback overview
  • Stark for Doctors
  • When the Government Comes Knocking: How to Handle an Audit
  • Antikickback Statute: Part I
  • Antikickback Statute Part II
  • Stark Basics for Doctors
  • HIPAA Part I: Privacy
  • HIPAA Part II: Security
  • Compliance Part I: Why you need it
  • Compliance Part II: Writing a compliance plan
  • Compliance Part III: Biggest Compliance Pitfalls
  • Billing and Coding
  • Billing and Coding II
  • Documentation 101

BONUS! Risky Business: The dangers of non-FDA approved drugs and procedures

This is not legal advice. Guard My Practice provides training and guidance that is not legal advice in any particular state. By signing up for this service, you agree that Amanda Hill is not your individual lawyer and there is no attorney/client privilege between the two of you.